Choppers: A Design Study

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I don't know what it is, but it's got some real serious rake going on.

This is called the SuperBeast. I don't know much about it but it might be a Jim Nasi design. The paint job looks quite detailed, and I dig the one-piece rear fender / side panels that extend all the way back over the rear axle. An outrageous carb, too.

I snagged these pictures from an article (I don't remember where) on European Yamaha VMAX "cafe racers". These people put a shit-load of work into 'em. Note that two of 'em have replaced the double swing-arm for a single -- I've never done this, but I suspect it's not a one hour job.

The Hard-Krome VTX Mean Machine: extremely aggressive styling that took a lot of work. I especially like the side-panels -- I wish I could get a pair for my VTX!

The picture on the left is a 'stretched' Hayabusa. I don't know what they did to it, but it looks like it will go very, very fast. The picture on the right features a "regular" Hayabusa with two half-naked women hugging each other. I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if there were more hot girl-girl action.

A seriously wicked VTX 1800C -- one of the few 1800s that I will agree looks as good as my Kitten. I love those fenders!

Note that this bike exhibits partial bilateral symmetry.

If you look very closely, you'll notice that the woman is sitting on a motorcycle.

I don't know where I got this picture from, but the file name is "hayabusasf.jpg", which I think probably means "Hayabusa Streetfighter". It's difficult to describe why I like this -- it almost looks like something out of a Star Wars movie, a bike that's been modified and hacked on for pure speed. It's so ugly it's pretty.

Darned pretty paint on this one. I swear that the line of the tank merging into the seat is a perfect b-spline.

Now this one does look like a piece of Redneck Engineering -- but in a good way. What is that style of fork called?!

I think this is a Jim Nasi design. Very pretty -- like the SuperBeast above, note the one-piece rear fender / side panels.

A VTX Retro. Very Retro.

The curvy swing-arm design leads me to believe this is a Bourget -- note the chrome frame.

It's long and mean and dayglo green!

Lotsa colors on that paint job!

Why do I like these bikes? I'm not real sure -- it might be that Star Wars thing again. I have a serious affection for the whole brute-strength / form-follows-function aesthetic. Which these bikes have in spades

A very pretty Cyril Huze design.

A Kawasaki Spartacus. I guess this was a concept bike that never went anywhere. Pretty, though.

Yet another pretty bike at a bike show.

I don't know who made these bikes, but I love the smooth line that runs down the gas tank and onto the seat.

Another shot of the Chopper City Customs Stars and Stripes bike. Just because.

A former Amen Motorcycles bike of the month. A lot of very nice details here: the front wheel, the paint job, the "air scoop" on the gas tank, the air-intakes. I could live without the 1950's style "ray-gun" tail-lights, though.

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