Random Relationship Ramblings

2004-07-23 14:16:36

love is . . .

Relationships are hard.

Basically it comes down to a matter of trusting someone else with your heart, and dammit, that's a scary fucking thing to do. It's always struck me as odd that we have laws that dictate that we shouldn't steal, shouldn't kill, shouldn't speed, etc -- and yet there is this entire vast range of human behavior where an evil-spirited person can quite easily destroy another person's entire world. Or, conversely, a sweet person can completely change someone's life for the better. But there are no laws and no rules in Relationship-Land. No instruction manual, either.

It seems strange to me that our culture knows all kinds of stuff about physics and mathematics and so forth, yet we don't know diddly about important things like: Why Do Fools Fall In Love? Or, what is the nature of "charisma"? What is it that makes some people leaders, and other people followers?