Not Such Fun

2004-08-25 02:50:05

Last night I saw the movie Black Hawk Down for the first time. I don't think I watched the movie the same way most other people watched it: yes, I noticed the obligatory "War Is Hell" message, and yes, the parallels between Somalia and the current situation in Iraq are obvious and depressing. But for the most part, it played to me like a Science Fiction movie: the American helicopters and other advanced weaponry don't make our forces invincible and invulnerable in combat, but when they are applied correctly, they are devastatingly effective, like unto and surpassing the Martian firepower imagined in H. G. Wells' The War Of The Worlds. It makes me consider that when the US Military decides to throw its weight around in a third-world country, we are not only the "Great Satan" -- we are a virtually unstoppable Super-Science Alien Invasion Force. And just imagine what it will be like 30+ years from now when we're deploying semi-autonomous robot soldiers on the field of battle.