Just Like Nothing On Earth

2004-09-18 22:04:55

Stephen Hendee

Stephen Hendee

"Much like a computer programmed to generate random designs, Stephen Hendee cuts and tapes together milky, translucent plastic panels to form room-filling environments. The computer analogy is apt because, as Hendee explained in a City of Las Vegas-sponsored lecture recently, the inspiration for his eerily glowing, Tron-like interior-scapes can be found in fractals and the fractured planes of computer design. But if they seem as if a contractor had mistaken a telephone doodle for a blueprint, it’s because Hendee, UNLV artist in residence for the past semester, does not design his installations on a computer. He just starts shaping space."

I love these amazing science-fictional environments he builds -- there are a few examples here and many more pictures on his website http://www.stephenhendee.com. If Rebecca and Robert from Surprise By Design ever attack my house -- feel free to bring in Hendee for consultation; I think it'd be serious fun to live in a house decked out like this. Really.