My Weekend Art Project

2004-12-07 03:23:16

So this weekend I finally got around to framing some of my doodles. I had a selection of them printed off as large 11" x 17" color prints, from there it was a matter of finding some frames and -- this was the hard part -- cutting some mattes to fit (natch, none of my stuff matched any of the stock standard-sized mattes). Originally I was going to pay to have someone else cut 'em, but I ended up buying a modestly-priced matte cutter and doing it myself. Kinda fun, believe it or not. You can see a couple of the results in the lo-fi cellphone camera picture above.

Actually, the one on the left is just a "test hang": I've since given it to a friend. Kind of an iffy thing, giving my own artwork to someone; it may end up decorating the guest bathroom or collecting dust in the closet. Or, worse yet, he may feel obligated to dig it out and hang it up whenever I visit. But he and I understand each other pretty well in some ways. I think it'll be okay.

Anyhow, in the process of doing all of this, I think I may have stumbled on to one of the Great Art Secrets Of The Ages, to wit: anything looks better in a nice frame.

Oh, yeah, those are some of my McFarlane Spawn toys (including 3 Nitro Riders) on the table and my complete set of Spawn Interlink 6 Robots on the wall: