A Fairy-Tale Ending

2005-02-12 16:08:59

Q: What do American Football and the British Royal Family have in common?

A: I have absolutely zero interest in either of them.

Okay, of late that's not competely true: this thing about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles getting hitched has caught my eye. I say: way to go, Charles and Camilla!

I see stuff where people call Camilla a "homewrecker" and so forth, but let's be real: you had to be blind not to notice that the Charles / Diana marriage was an "arrangement" of some sort. I defy you to find a picture of Charles and Diana together that couldn't be used to illustrate a dictionary definition of "pained expression".

I've had a grudging admiration for Prince Charles ever since I found out he wrote a children's book. And this news only nudges my respect higher: Anybody who thought Charles was just sneakin' a bit o' nookie back when his affair was all over the tabloids was wrong; instead it's an honest-to-God real-life fairy-tale story of True Love Conquers All. And he didn't have to abdicate like Edward VIII.

Also, the story I keep hearing is that Camilla came on to Charles at a polo match by mentioning that her great-grandmother was the mistress of a former Prince of Wales, and added: "So how about it?"

What's not to like?

Happily ever after, kids!